Lake Life.

Hi there, Sunny here!

I am so excited to release my summer Cozy Crewnecks with you as of yesterday. They are featured on a comfy ass, maroon sweatshirt. I went ahead with the Lake Life design because I had multiple people reach out asking if I could make this on a sweater. With this  request it brought me joy, with the opportunity to reminisce what lake life really means to me. If you know me, or my family whatsoever you know we grew up on a boat, waterskiing on the Castor Creek. If you don't know where the Creek is, I recommend checking it out one day. With sandstone cliffs, families kayaking, boating, and water the colour of chocolate milk you can't go wrong. My Dad would never turn down the opportunity of going for a ski or taking me and my friends out. He was the best teacher at all water sports, and nothing brought him more joy than having newbies on our boat that he could get up on skis. We ventured out to Shuswap every summer as a family and shared so many great memories. Things are different now, as we attempted a trip to Shuswap last summer without Dad as he passed away last June. It wasn't quite the same as there was no one anxiously sitting in the boat waiting to go out for the day at 6 AM. He would be so mad that we would make him wait cause we would miss the smooth water to ski on. All in all, if you're going to look extremely in depth which is what I am good at... Lake Life to me, means enjoying the sun on your face, enjoying every moment with your family, and drinking cold beer. With summer quickly approaching, the sun shining through my kitchen window as I type this, I think this would be the perfect sweatshirt for all you Lake Life lovers. 


Sunny B


  • Hello. I have a question regarding the Campfires and Cocktails sweater. Can you please get back to me via email.
    Much appreciated.

  • Hello:).

    I met a friend of your Mom’s at our spa and got chatting about your company after commenting on the shirt she was wearing made by Sunny B (loved it)! She mentioned you also make candles and I am wondering if you would be game to custom some for our spa? Our signature scent is lemongrass, not sure if that is doable but a thought:). Would be nice to logo it for retail and burning in our treatment rooms.

    Another thought is we are designing a “melting moments” treatment where we will use warm scented candle wax mixed with our coconut oil as a massage medium. Would the soy you use be suitable for that?

    Warm regards,


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