See the Good

See the Good 2021

   We are almost through another year and what a year it has been.  Sunny B’s has had a crazy year with more wholesale opportunities, more Crewneck designs, less farmers markets, and one addition to the Bauman family.  All in all I started maternity leave from my dental career, in my head I thought I would slow down with my personal business, but it has ended up kicking into high gear! Which is great and I’m so thankful!

   Personal life wise, this year has been full of challenges, self isolation, frustration with a never ending pandemic it seems, and so many more emotions.   During my pregnancy I struggled with many emotions, feeling stressed about things I couldn’t control, and mad about opportunities that were taken away from me due to Covid.

   A couple years ago I lost my Dad to cancer, and felt so much anger that he passed away so young and was robbed of meeting his grandkids, travelling the world during retirement, and not being there for my wedding. I lived a life of bitterness for all these emotions and thoughts. The last thing I wanted to hear from people when Dad was passing was “at least you had time.” Saying a sentence starting with “at least” to any grieving person is the worst thing you can do, cause that simply belittles the way they are feeling.

   As time passed , I realized I needed to See the Good. With time to heal, I have realized that focusing on all the things my Dad didn’t live to see was not benefiting me. There were many things I was so grateful for that I was never shining light on. He died holding the status of my best friend and knowing the end was near,  our relationship couldn’t have been better. We talked all the talks, looked at wedding dresses on Pinterest, discussed values I want my kids to know, and so many other things. At the end of the day, changing my perspective on a difficult life experience has made the sun shine brighter in my heart.

   With a global pandemic on our shoulders, life experiences being taken away from us, relationships being tested, I can be sure to say we can all go down the rabbit hole of anger and frustration. But I truly believe every day we spend dwelling on what is wrong with our lives, is a day wasted. Seeing the Good has been so beneficial to me, and I know what a challenge it can be… trust me. But I truly hope you can.

   I know you may think I should be writing my blogs about soy wax, and what my candles are scented with, but my new Crewneck design has such a close place to my heart. If you’ve read this far in my blog, I’m proud of you for taking five minutes to yourself.

All the love,

Sunny B