A Little Reminder from Sunny B

Hello to you all, and Happy Sunday!

I feel like I have been MIA on blogs and social media, but let me tell you Sunny B has been keeping busayyy! With Farmers Markets, new Cozy Crewneck designs, and our new Libbey Jar Candle Collection, I must say my heart feels so full to have all of you supporting my little adventure. So this post is to put the spotlight on one of my Libbey Jar scents, this candle is called "You Are Enough." First of all, this scent is inspired by the Aveda Shampure scent featuring tops noted of Lavender, middle notes of Eucalyptus and base notes of Bergamot. I chose this name for this particular scent because whenever I find myself in the hair salon I truly do feel like this is a day to treat and appreciate yourself, you come out feeling like a million bucks and get a scalp massage, like come on. On that note! I must say I finally got out of my quarantine funk, went back to work, and got my hair cut and coloured a couple weeks ago. While I sat under the hair dryer, I had all the time to self reflect. Quarantine was a love/hate relationship for me. This time allowed me to start the most lovely little company pouring soy, wood wick candles, designing crewnecks and climbing mountains to get photos of our products. The hate relationship was me sitting at home, spending endless hours over analyzing everything in my life, staring at social media comparing myself to other women, and wondering how in the eff they had motivation to work out during quarantine and I was feeling a little crumby about myself. But let me tell you, if you are feeling like how I did in the slightest, Sunny B is demanding you to snap out of it! All of us children, men, and women need to take a second to give ourselves the credit that we are pushing through a pandemic, and if you are anything like me who completely relies on being around people, this is tough stuff! So the most minimal gesture we at Sunny B's can do for you is ask you to tell yourself you are killing it, you are amazing, and you are enough. If you buy this candle please place it in a place that is easily visible for you to remind yourself, and others that are in your home to keep trucking on, and if you are anything like me it is also most likely time to wash the dry shampoo out of your hair.

With all the love,

Sunny B


  • Are your getting more “girl gang”sweatshirts in? Pair this with “you are enough” candle gift set I would love to purchase these for my “tribe”. Thx

    Darlene Herzog
  • Hey!
    I’m in Ontario wondering if you’re looking for ambassadors for your brand..
    I love your products and what you stand for!
    Happy day!


    Faye mcnay

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