How it all began,

Well first of all I would like to say, welcome! I am honestly so excited that you are here, and honoured you are taking time out of your day to read a little bit about why and how this business began. First of all, my name is Sonya Marquart. I am currently engaged and in September 2020, I will officially be Sonya Bauman! (Sunny B!). I am born and raised in a small town in Central Alberta, and am currently practicing as a Registered Dental Assistant in Red Deer. Passions and hobbies of mine include hiking, riding horses, spending time with my dog, and as odd as it sounds... candles. I have always been a lover of many different scents/candles/essential oils/wax warmers, etc. My favourite scents are coconut, vanilla, teakwood, all neutral and manly scents are my jam! After buying a new candle from large chain companies every two weeks, I decided to research how to start making candles in my home. I started some trial and error in my kitchen with different waxes, fragrance oils, containers, and wicks, and woah... there was a lot to learn. After finding my go to companies for my candle products I tried to maintain the mindset of supporting as local as possible. My goal is to keep everything within Canada, I do purchase most products out of Surrey, BC and my sweatshirts are made here in Red Deer, AB and Sylvan Lake, AB. You're probably thinking... sweatshirts? You were just talking about candles. Well, that is the other portion of this little business I have started. My closet has always consisted of cozy crewneck sweatshirts, and that is the first thing I grab to wear, whether I am staying home in leggings, wearing it out for supper under a vest, it is just how I roll! I wanted to start printing sweatshirts with quotes and sayings that represent me, my life style,  and what I feel any other woman would love to rep for me! So all in all, my goal is to make your home smell great, keep all you ladies cozy and feeling cute, and support local businesses as much as I can during this difficult time. Thank you so much for tuning in, and can't wait to keep you posted with future giveaways, sales, and markets. 

Take care,


Sunny B

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  • To Whom it may concern,
    Good evening , below is a brief explanation of what I am hoping to accomplish. Please know that this is being done by myself personally for our charities, I do not have a website, I am not scamming anyone out of product. I work at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, where I have been an LPN since 1996(minus 2 years when we moved back to Borden for my husbands military career).
    Last year when I first switched positions and joined the pediatric recovery room, I was and still am the sole person running the social committee. I had to come up with a plan on how to raise funds for our charities, so I reached out to businesses, craft people and basically all people who made Canadian made products, and asked if they were willing to donate towards my baskets so I could showcase Canadian made products. I then sold tickets on the baskets(3) and raised $1000 that was split between our charities (Little Warriors (assist sexually abused children) and Pilgrims Hospice that helped our dear friend and coworker pass away peacefully after her second courageous battle with breast cancer). So this year, I am once again doing the same thing with hopes of filling 5 baskets through donations from Canadian run businesses, crafts people to showcase Canadian made products, raising more funds and there increasing amounts donated. I would be honoured to showcase your items in my baskets. Please feel free to email myself with any questions or concerns
    We are seeking donations for our annual Christmas Basket Charity Draw. The Christmas Baskets are a charity draw to raise money for our favorite charity, Little Warriors(which assists children who have been sexually abused) and Pilgrims Hospice (in honour of a co-worker who passed away there from breast cancer).

    I am a nurse who works in a pediatric recovery room and I am in charge of the social committee and will be doing 5 Christmas Baskets. I know Christmas 2023 is a short ways away, but I don’t want to procrastinate and leave it to the last minute. In 2022 we raised enough donations for 3 Christmas baskets, in turn selling enough tickets to raise $1000. We are starting early this year in the anticipation of enough offerings for 5 Christmas baskets.

    Our focus is Canadian made products by Canadian businesses, crafters, producers of homegrown products. It would be an honour to showcase your items. We would appreciate anything you can provide and if needed I will cover the shipping cost.

    If this is something you would like to be a part of, please email me back.

    Kind Regards,

    Kristen Langdon
    25 Evergreen Park NW
    Edmonton, AB T5Y 4M2

    Kristen Langdon

    Kristen Langdon

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